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ARADEX employees

33 years of ARADEX!

On the occasion of our 33rd company anniversary on April 26, we would like to review our past “year of life”. Therefore, we have briefly summarized our most important events for you:

The 3rd generation of our VECTOPOWER inverters now has a larger maximum continuous operating voltage in addition to the TÜV-certified Safe Torque Off function (STO). This has been increased from 770 V to 840 V and thus generates almost 10% more power, in addition to other advantages.

We also realized some improvements in our power management in high-voltage systems: in sophisticated mobile working machines often several inverters and DC/DC converters work in combination in one system. The simultaneous use of these high-voltage components means that it is possible for interactions to occur among them. In order to control these in the context of a perfect power management, we offer a systemic solution with our Smart-DC function. 

All in all, our focus was mainly on the software, which is directly integrated in the inverters and DC/DC. Our portfolio already has some of these so-called technology modules and more will be added in the future. In the last twelve months they have already been successfully deployed and generated valuable benefits on our customers’ machines.

We were able to intensify our cooperation with VDS, which is also a member of the WEICHAI Group in Europe. Together with the specialized gear manufacturer we have realized first combined products. We show the result among other things in October on the BAUMA in Munich.

In December, we were awarded 3rd place in the Resilience Award by the Wirtschaftsjunioren Ostwürttemberg. We received the award for the hybrid commissioning of a 19-ton multi-energy dozer over a long distance. Since on-site commissioning could not take place due to Corona, we built a functional “twin” without further ado and carried out the steps in parallel with the customer in China.

Then, just in time for the start of the new year, there was a change of management board, with Mr. Vetter, Mr. Schlingmann and Mr. Günther passing on the scepter to Dr. Hellfeld and Dr. Wang.

And last but not least, we are now a partner of the DHBW in Heidenheim. Here we offer two places for the course of studies “computer science information technology”.

As you can see, it has been an exciting year for us and we are excited about what awaits us next year. Since the focus of our company is mainly on the development of products with added value, it is quite fitting that our birthday coincides with “Intellectual Property Day”. In this sense: Happy Birthday!