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Resilience Award (RAW.21) in Bronze for ARADEX

The “Wirtschaftsjunioren Ostwürttemberg” together with the “Wirtschaftsclub Ostwürtttemberg” had the idea to create a “Resilience Award”. An award that honors companies that have taken new paths during the Corona crisis and have developed innovative business models as a result. The company ARADEX from Lorch convinced the jurors: With a hybrid commissioning of an electrified bulldozer over a long distance and under pandemic conditions, we took third place among 16 participants. Since a physical commissioning on site was not possible due to the pandemic and a purely digital commissioning with remote maintenance is far from sufficient for such a task, another solution had to be found. ARADEX decided to build a kind of twin with all relevant components but in a small-scale design. This was done in the visitor center, which was not in use due to the pandemic. Commissioning then took place step by step in parallel on the ma-chine in Jining/China and on the twin in Lorch.

This technology has since been further developed and is now generally offered to all customers worldwide, resulting in a corresponding reduction in travel expenses, CO2 emissions, etc….

Thomas Vetter (ARADEX, CTO) followed the award ceremony in Aalen digitally, but Michael Wolfsteiner, district spokesman of Wirtschaftsjunioren Ostwürttemberg e.V., did not miss the opportunity to personally present the prize money along with a sculpture. In addition to the prize money of 1,000 euros, Mr. Wolfsteiner pre-sented Mr. Vetter with a bronze sculpture of the “eierlegende Wollmilchsau” (a German mythical figure, a pig which gives meat, milk, wool, and eggs: The sculpture depicts this creature being fed by Corona virus), designed by the Christopherus Workshop of the “Haus Lindenhof” Foundation. Thomas Hartmann and Ji Zhang were present at the handover, Thomas Hartmann as Head of Projects at ARADEX in Lorch and Ji Zhang as Coordinator in Jining and Weifang / China.
The ARADEX Board decided to donate the prize money to the Haus Lindenhof Foundation to support its ongoing important work for handicapped people.

If you would like to learn more about our project, you can download our reference report here.

Third place for ARADEX at RAW.21: Michael Wolfsteiner (district spokesman of the business jurors) presents the sculpture and the prize money to Thomas Vetter (ARADEX, CTO), Ji Zhang and Thomas Hartmann (from left to right).

TEXT and PICTURE: Marcel Nasser