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VECTOSTUDIO development environment – simple and flexible application programming

You would like to implement or modify the programming of functions in the VP600 inverters or VP5000 DC/DC converters quickly and flexibly yourself? With the IDE VECTOSTUDIO, ARADEX provides a user-friendly and cost-effective integrated development environment (IDE) for the integrated PLC of the VP600 and VP5000 devices.

Perfectly adapted

VECTOSTUDIO is optimally tailored to the VECTOPOWER VP600 inverters and VP5000 DC/DC converters as well as to their fields of application


The user interface can be individually adapted to personal requirements


Combines various useful software tools for configuration, analysis, commissioning, etc.


Not set to a specific programming language, can be adapted to the preferences of the user

Functions Development environment VECTOSTUDIO

  • PLC development with C++ or IEC 61131-3
  • Service and commissioning tools
  • Hardware configuration for VECTOPOWER® devices
  • Diagnosis and debugging tools
  • ANALYSER analysis software integrated
  • Process analysis and optimization

Function overview development environment VECTOSTUDIO

Overview of all functions of the different license versions of VECTOSTUDIO

Connect / disconnect; restore backupXX
Read / write I/O and log viewXX
Edit configurationXX
Edit, compile and download modulesX
Device operations (start, stop, restart)X
Save analyzerX
VEConfig XL integratedX
Examples as source codeXX
GIT and SubversionX
Encrypt / DecryptX

VECTOSTUDIO development environment: Customer benefit

Global projects require global development systems. VECTOSTUDIO allows several programmers to work on the same project at different computers and easily maintain an overview. Version management systems such as GIT and Subversion can be integrated so that change management and its documentation can be accomplished easily and uncomplicatedly. Project management is fully implemented in open files, so your project consists only of ASCII- and XML-based file formats. This makes it easier to reuse code.

VECTOSTUDIO allows you to use multiple programming languages, so you can always choose the language that suits your personal preferences. Besides C++, IEC 61131-3 languages are also supported. Since the source texts are managed in ASCII form, data functions can be exchanged across projects without any problem, regardless of the programming languages used. For object-oriented programming in C ++, a high-level editor support is integrated.

Benefit from ARADEX’s decades of experience. Tools and data are integrated into a single solution, so you can move between development and service tools with drag & drop.


You want to deploy your own teams in a flexible and responsive manner but do not have sufficient resources for complete implementation?


We offer the following solution for this:


  • You create a specification for the desired basic version of your function(s) together with us
  • ARADEX implements this
  • You receive the source code as well as a description and training of your team for further development

VECTOSTUDIO can be easily installed in Windows without any administrator rights – the installation is done simply by extracting ZIP archives into every writable directory.

In the development of VECTOSTUDIO, great importance was attached to a simple modularization of the function code. This increases reusability while lowering development time and cost.

When you use VECTOSTUDIO, the source code will only leave your system if you explicitly initiate this. Only the originally compiled program is available on the PLC.

Application areas of VECTOSTUDIO

VECTOSTUDIO serves as a development environment for additional functions for all VECTOPOWER inverters of the VP600 family and DC/DC converters of the VP5000 family. VECTOSTUDIO is used by our project engineers as well as by customers or their service providers. Due to the integrated version management with GIT or subversion and the possibility to encode source texts directly in the tool for the purpose of data exchange, there are numerous possibilities for optimally implementing your project.

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