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VEConfig configuration tool

VEConfig: Configuration tool for parameterization, commissioning, and diagnostics of all VECTOPOWERs

VEConfig is a convenient tool for parameterization, commissioning, and diagnostics of VECTOPOWER VP600 inverters and VP5000 DC/DC converters. The tool has numerous helpful wizards, e.g., for the perfect connection of inverter and electric motor. VE Config is a fixed component of the IDE VECTOSTUDIO as well as available separately.

More usability with a wizard

Guides you step by step through the device settings

Optimum configuration

Provides parameter access for setup and control

Expandable range of functions

Various firmware updates can be optionally downloaded

Analysis function in real time

Digital storage oscilloscope provides real-time data on the device characteristics

VEConfig functions

Digital storage oscilloscope provides data in real time. This allows individual system components to be optimally coordinated with each other. The visual representation of the selected parameters over time can be used to precisely analyze which parameters have to be adjusted to correct an error or to optimize efficiency.

Explicit error logging and service reporting

Guides the user step by step through the device settings. The wizard makes it easier to change settings during the initial commissioning of a device as well as in later use, for example. The wizard has a database for storing motor, encoder, and controller settings. As a result, settings can be called up quickly once they have been made.

Quick and easy to see if all the wiring in the application is connected correctly. If a fault occurs, it can be quickly ascertained where the wiring is not correctly connected.

Function overview VEConfig

All functions of the VEConfig configuration software in tabular form:

All VP devices connectable via CAN or RS232XX
Read and write parametersXX
Download firmware and functionsXX
Read log files, analyzer data, error messages; including exportXX
"Snapshot"; complete readout of all data with one clickXX
CANopen EDS ExportXX
Macros: Create and execute your own software modules as a sequence.X
Big Data Logger: Use the online analyzer (rolling mode) as an almost unlimited oscilloscope log fileX
Enables connection establishment to third-party CANopen devices as well as to AnalyserX
Displaying and limiting CAN traffic so as not to interfere with elementary communicationX

Display, change, load and save CAN data from VP (CANopen PDO)
Displaying and limiting CAN traffic so as not to interfere with elementary communication

VEConfig: Customer benefits

Firmware updates can be easily installed on the devices. In addition, several function modules can be installed to extend the range of functions as required, e.g., for special control requirements or an adapted CAN bus protocol. These function modules can also be programmed user-specifically in the IDE VECTOSTUDIO. In this way, each device has a programming interface that allows the devices to be adapted to individual requirements.

Intuitive user interface that clearly displays key information. Frequently used control elements are combined in a toolbar.

Ensured by a graphic view that clearly displays all important values in the current operating mode. The functions of the device, such as inputs, outputs, controllers, and filters, can be viewed in real time.

Application areas of VEConfig

Provides configuration options for all systems implemented with VECTOPOWER. For all applications of VP600 inverters as well as for applications with VP5000 DC/DC converters.

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