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Fully electric drive solutions

Drives and the complete HV system for purely electric solutions

In addition to inverters, DC/DC converters and electric motors, we offer complementary products through our partner network. These include gearboxes, batteries and power distribution units (PDU). We supplement these products with support for component design, overall system design and project planning.

Optimal efficiency

Through perfect matching of motor and inverter as a system and optimized recuperation function

Various topologies

The right topology for every application: PM motors, asynchronous motors, with and without gearbox

Choice motors

For motors outside our portfolio, we parameterize our inverters perfectly on our test bench.

We support you with the entire high-voltage system

We support you both in the dimensioning and in the safe control of the interactions of the high-voltage components.

How it works


Understanding your application and it´s special requirements


First dimensioning of all high-voltage components


Analyzing of power management and interactions of all high-voltage components


Analyzing of all exceptional working conditions of the system which must be covered


Designing the overall high-voltage system with all key-components

Usable advantages in the overall system through synergetic combination of all high-voltage components

Electromechanical traction drives show their strengths in sensitive control with the possibility of optimum limitation of slip and thus reduction of tire wear. In addition, high recuperation factors can be achieved, which reduces the required battery capacity.

Our VirtualSensor technology can show its strengths in many electromechanical functional drives. For force-measurement in winch drives, for example. Or also the targeted jerk limitation or an active vibration damping for rotary actuators of all kinds.

VirtualSensor Technology also opens up the possibility of expanding the functionality or reducing the maintenance effort of electric drives for hydraulic pumps. Overall efficiencies can also often be increased.

In addition to the pure battery solution, we always pay attention to modular solutions that enable the path to hybrid or hydrogen-based solutions.

Value-added functions through the synergetic combination of machine control and functional “intelligence” in the inverter. The integrated high-speed PLC function in the VECTOPOWER and thus directly on the actuator enables in some cases far-reaching functional improvements. “VirtualSensor” for fast and high-resolution torque determination as a basis just to name an example.

Some selected applications areas of electrified drivetrains

With traction drives, improved drivability, reduced tire wear and optimized recuperation can be achieved. Depending on the application, our One-Pedal-Drive can also be beneficial.

In practical implementation, swing movements often require gear transmission with a relatively large amount of backlash. Here our approach is to achieve a dynamic movement but with limited jerk.

High-performance winches with large loads are demanding applications. Our VirtualSensorTechnology enables deep insights into the drive process and often opens up new possibilities for motion control. For example, in the optimal control of the so-called slack rope problem.

In processes such as drilling, milling, cutting, shredding, etc., VirtualSensorTechnology really comes into its own. In addition to tool monitoring, it can very often also be used to increase the output of the process.

For pumps for any liquids of mixtures of water and solids, VirtualSensorTechnology can estimate the viscosity during operation and thus optimize the pumping process. When driving hydraulic pumps for directly driven cylinders, an estimation of the push and pull forces is possible.

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