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A system is always more than the sum of its components. From our point of view, this also applies in particular to the field of electrification and hybridisation of drives in mobile machinery, commercial vehicles and ships. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support in the implementation of your projects, through a joint intensive exchange. An exchange in which we match your requirements with possible solutions for our electric drives and DC/DC converters.

Experience in electrification

At your service: Over 30 years of experience in e-drives and over 12 in e-mobility

Focused on your application

Understanding your application and your requirements is elementary for us

End-to-end support

From the concept, through design and commissioning, to after-sales

Pioneers in high-performance drive technology since 1989

In more than 30 years of ARADEX, we have been able to contribute to numerous innovations with and for our customers in the field of sophisticated industrial production machines. The functional advantages of our drives contribute to our customers’ USPs. We are now happy to bring this principle and all this experience to your mobile electrification applications.



Our vision

We drive the transformation to renewable energies – for a greener future

In qualified and motivated teams, we work with you on the transformation to renewable energies for the sustainable protection of our climate. In doing so, we work with you to find solutions that offer your customers concrete benefits and are economically successful.

Mission statement

We offer more than just electric drives

We see the electrification of drives in mobile applications as more than just a switch to renewable energies. Rather, we also want to create additional benefits for and with our customers for their applications. Here, functions in the machine or vehicle controls complement functions or functional parts directly in the inverters or DC/DC converters.


What characterizes us

Reliability & trustworthiness

For our customers as well as for our suppliers and partners: reliability and trustworthiness are our top priority.

Highest customer satisfaction

This is the comprehensive guideline for all employees. Regularly reviewed, lived and optimized in the processes.

Sustainability & Longevity

Possible software upgrades even after years and repair even after many operating hours are environmentally friendly and profitable at the same time.

Application center(ed)

Your application is always our focus. We are happy to complement it with an “electric” look at it with all its new possibilities.

Added value as a target

The integrated real-time control in our inverters and DC/DC converters are the basis for a wide range of possibilities to create value-added functions for your application.

Fast system maturity

Based on the experience gained from numerous successfully implemented applications, we work with you to find the way to a short time-to-market.

Lifelong learning

We see ourselves as lifelong learners and optimizers. To this end, we provide the necessary tools and framework conditions.

Management & Responsibility

Dr. Stefan Hellfeld

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

“Nothing is more constant than change! Therefore, together with you we want to not only drive the change in mobility towards more sustainability, but also to implement it in full!”

Ji Zhang

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

“We provide high quality electric drive system solutions to our customers and welcome high-tech talents to join ARADEX.”

Important milestones
in the history of ARADEX

ARADEX GmbH is founded
PC-based CNC controller VECTONUM
  • First single-processor 3-axis CNC
  • Very high performance
  • Cycle time below 1 ms
  • PC-based, easy to handle
First VECTODRIVE inverter
  • Very fast current control
  • Optimally adapted to the VECTONUM CNC
FPGA-based inverter VECTODRIVE
  • First FPGA-based inverter
  • 3 drives in one unit
  • Current control below 0.3 ms
  • Highly sensitive torque control
VECTODRIVE inverter 180 kW
  • Very compact design, increased to 250 kW in 2006
  • First applications realized with VirtualSensorTechnology
First VECTOPOWER Inverter
  • First ARADEX mobile inverter
  • High power, extremely compact
  • Robust and durable
  • For commercial vehicles and working machines
DC/DC-converter 200 kW
  • HV-DC /DC all in one housing VP5000-DCDC200
  • Optional with chopper and precharge circuit VP5000-DCDC200HL
  • Wide voltage range
  • High efficiency
VECTOPOWER with “apps”
  • Combination of FPGA control and soft-plc
  • Added value functions by using “Apps”
  • Expanding technology modules portfolio
  • For application-specific functions
SIC-DC/DC-converter 180 kW
  • Very compact design
  • Wide voltage range
  • Further improved efficiency
  • Presentation as B-Sample for first projects

Certifications as quality features

Providing high quality for our customers is a central claim of ARADEX. This quality claim includes the products and services as well as process flows within the entire value-added process. For this reason, ARADEX (or in some cases individual product types) has been tested by independent institutes and got various certifications. These certifications represent verifiable quality features for our customers as well as for the end customer.

DNV certification

DNV granted type approval for the guidelines and standards for ships, offshore applications and maritime high-speed and light vehicles. Approved products are approved for installation on all classed vessels.

ISO 9001:2015 certification

ZDH-ZERT GmbH, a certification partner for crafts and medium-sized businesses certifies that ARADEX's quality management complies with the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

AEO-F Certification

The AEO certificate is an international quality seal. Its aim is to safeguard the international supply chain from the manufacturer of a good to the end consumer against terrorist attacks. ARADEX meets the required security standards, which ensures the protection of the goods and is therefore considered particularly reliable and trustworthy.

ECE test label (KBA)

Components on motor vehicles that require approval are subject to mandatory marking. The test labels mean that the respective required tests and approvals have been successfully carried out on the marked components. The type approval is recognized by the states participating in the ECE procedure and their authorities.

For compliance with ECE 10R and ECE 85R, please refer to the product information.

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