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Other applications

Further application examples for the VECTOPOWER mobile inverters

The VP600 series is mainly used for mobile working machines, functional vehicles, and ships. Furthermore, there are more and more additional applications in which the VECTOPOWER can use its advantages: a compact design and robustness against vibration, shock, and demanding environmental conditions.

Compact and robust

All VECTOPOWERs are designed to be compact and robust against external influences and are therefore more suitable for some stationary applications than classic industrial inverters.

Durable and reliable

Thanks to many years of experience, the ARADEX team can calculate the expected service life, specifically for cyclic load changes as well.

Numerous functions

Functions and technology from over 30 years of experience with production machines enable ARADEX to implement application-specific functions – directly in the PLC of the inverter.

High-availability pumps as a parallel hybrid


There are numerous applications for pumps that are driven by a combustion engine for whatever reason. Hybridization leads to higher peak power and reduced CO2 emissions. The double-shaft asynchronous motor and VECTOPOWER inverter from ARADEX ensure that the full function of the combustion engine is maintained in the event of failures in the electrical part. The combination of a combustion engine and asynchronous parallel hybrid achieves a very high redundancy and system availability.



Genset as a hybrid


Generating local 50 Hz grids is part of the ARADEX portfolio for ships. The same applies to the combination with combustion engines and synchronization. This can be adapted to transportable or stationary power generators on land.

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