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Technology modules

An open mobile double inverter by ARADEX with visible hardware

Added value through inverters with technology modules

When we started with mobile inverters in 2009, our customers relatively soon expressed the need for supplementary functionality that goes far beyond the simple control of torque or speed of an electric motor. We then further developed the initial application-specific adaptations into a scalable and modular solution: loadable technology modules for “smart” inverters, which then become a synergetic addition to the machine control.

Synergy: Control & Inverter

Function modules directly on the actuator inverter complement the overall processes in the machine control system.

Realtime & Deterministic

All modules are executed within the 0.5 ms cycle and in a defined order.

Standard & Customized

You can combine modules from ARADEX with your own or specially developed ones.

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Diagnostic functions
Predicting the expected remaining life of power relays inside VECTOPOWER DC/DC converters.
Special drive functionality
Extension of speed range of PM motors by +30%, while combined with VECTOPOWER inverter
Special drive functionality
Improve emergency run & avoid damage caused by excessive braking forces.
Special drive functionality
Couple several e-motors synchronized with VECTOPOWER inverters for very high power.
Special drive functionality
Easier driving by using the pedal of the vehicle for both acceleration and deceleration.
Special drive functionality
Reduce the slip during acceleration or deceleration, and improve drivability & controllability.
Special drive functionality
Increase possible peak-current at zero and low speed of the motors.
High voltage management
An upgrade function for the ARADEX solution of grid connections in cable supplied machines.
High voltage management
Using the internal HV measurement in VECTOPOWER inverters for soft coupling with external relays and resistors.
High voltage management
Use the VECTOPOWER inverter for measuring the DC voltage in real-time and avoid overvoltage.
High voltage management
Real time power management in VECTOPOWER devices for complex HV systems.
Diagnostic functions
Save data from the internal oscilloscope function synchronously on multiple VECTOPOWER devices.

Experience from many production machines now available for use in mobile machines.

In electrified powertrains, we expect strongly growing importance in their complementary functions through software. The vehicle or machine control will certainly play the central role here. From over 30 years of experience in control and drive technology for production machines, we see synergetic additions for mobile applications functions in the inverter of the actuators. Here we bring in our experience of many years with most diverse production machines around clear increase in value functions to make possible.

Powerful Duo: Microcontroller & FPGA

In inverters, one needs both extremely fast and deterministic processes as well as more complex but less time-critical functions. This is often implemented with very powerful DSP (digital signal processor). We decided very early on to take a different approach: the synergetic combination of a standard microcontroller with an extremely fast FPGA (field programmable gate array). A technology in which, with over 30 years of experience, we are among the application pioneers.

Functional duo: Firmware & Software

Like the synergy in the combination of functions in the central machine control with those in the inverters, we also realize this in the inverter itself. Here in the duo of microcontroller and FPGA. The deterministic 2µs cycle of the FPGA is isochronous to the 500µs core cycle of the microcontroller, which offers additional superimposed cycles. And these cycles are available for our project engineers as well as for you.

Enable more power

Sophisticated and proven models of power semiconductors allow us to exploit the physical limits of power semiconductors technologically as well. This allows us to achieve higher realizable power from the IGBT, SiC. And this comes along with a long service life, which we can calculate and validate in real operation, even under challenging cyclical loads.

Tools to support you

Every system is only as powerful as the tools and support. We provide support for you through our teams of service and project engineers. We have developed our own tools for programming, parameterization, analysis and diagnosis. From our many years of experience. For our teams and for you. In workshops and trainings you can get to know them directly related to your application.

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