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All VECTOPOWER inverters and DC/DC have powerful integrated oscilloscope functions. These powerful tools work in real time in the background and are also available for any diagnostics during regular everyday operation. With the MultiDeviceAnalyser, all VECTOPOWER Inverters and DC/DC in a high-voltage system can be diagnostically connected. This greatly facilitates the important systemic diagnostics.

Application areas

All high-voltage systems with more than one inverter and/or DC/DC. Especially optimal for more complex systems.

Features & Benefits
  • Scalable to almost any number of VECTOPOWER inverters and DC/DC in a network
  • Each device can act as a trigger and initiate the function
  • Synchronous over all devices to a few ms
Related hardware

All VECTOPOWER inverter series2 and series3, as well as VP5000-DC/DC.


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