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ANALYSER – oscilloscope and analysis software for commissioning, maintenance, and optimization

The ANALYSER is a software tool for displaying, evaluating, and documenting measurement series, e.g., from VECTOPOWER VP600 inverters or VP5000 DC/DC converters. The tool also has extensive import options, so that data from other devices can also be evaluated. The design of the ANALYSER is inspired by a digital storage oscilloscope and offers multi-channel support. The graphic display in the form of curves allows fast, intuitive comprehension of the measurement series.


No special knowledge required, can be used on ordinary PCs (Windows-based), intuitive use


Reading of all oscilloscope formats from ARADEX devices and import of different data formats such as csv, txt, etc.

CAN import

Reading of CAN data files such as mf4, mfc, trc, log possible

Use of results

Export of data in different formats and print function as png or svg

ANALYSER functions

As an evaluation tool for previously acquired measurement data

Within VEConfig for direct tracking of rolling measurement data

Perfectly tailored for use with VECTOPOWER VP600 and VP5000 devices

Multi-channel display of several measured variables

The following data, among others, can be combined and evaluated using mathematical and statistical functions:

  • High-, band-, and low-pass filters extract clear signals from noisy data
  • Speed and acceleration as well as differentiation from position data can be determined
  • Exact frequencies with Fourier analysis
  • Statistical values, for example, with the histogram function
  • Combinations of signals with any mathematical expressions

Own functions can be realized through the integration of Python

Thanks to convenient export functions, evaluations for reports and verifications can be created quickly and easily. The graphics can be optionally output as PNG or high-resolution SVG graphics. Results can be pasted into Office programs even faster via the clipboard.

Function overview ANALYSER

All functions of the ANALYSER analysis software shown by license versions:

Open and view the recorded dataXXX
Graphical diagnosis of dataXXX
Online connection to VEConfigXXX
Mathematical functionsX
Export and print graphicsX
Import of non-analyzer dataX
Saving and exporting dataX
Own functions with PythonX
Direct reading of CAN dataX

ANALYSER: Customer benefits

  • One tool for many applications: VP600 inverters for electric motors, VP5000 DC/DC converters, controls, as well as compatible with devices from other suppliers
  • Training effort for commissioning is reduced
  • Uniform display of measurement results and recording of variables – e.g. by superimposing them on a common time axis in a diagram
  • Optimal logging and export function, both of data and graphics
  • Can also be used offline by the application for data evaluation
  • Compatible with VEConfig via live link

Application areas of ANALYSER

The ANALYSER is an easy-to-use and powerful diagnostic tool:

  • For developers (e.g. for developing functions for drive systems or power management)
  • For commissioning working machines
  • For after-sales support
  • Ideal for supporting online commissioning

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