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Motor test bench

Motor test bench – also for rent

Based on our experience with electric drive systems – consisting of an inverter, electric motor and, if necessary, gearbox – we have designed and implemented our own test bench. We use the test bench for further developing motors as well as the VECTOPOWER inverters.


In addition, this powerful and adaptable test bench, including expert personnel, is also available for third parties.

Comprehensive service

We provide you with the test bench according to your requirements, including qualified personnel.


You will receive all previously agreed results and evaluations and can, of course, be present with your own personnel. This allows you to readjust measuring programs even after initial measurement results.

Certified according to ECE R85

Our test bench is accredited for measurements according to ECE R85 (measurement of the nominal power), which the TÜV carries out together with us and then submits to the KBA for obtaining the certificate for a drive train.

Confidentiality guaranteed

Access privileges are limited both physically and electronically to our test bench team. We will be happy to provide you with a binding confidentiality agreement.

Customer benefits

  • Characteristics of a newly developed motor can be precisely determined or confirmed
  • Exact determination of the characteristics of electric motor-inverter combinations
  • In the case of an ECE-R85 measurement, the TÜV approval for the type approval can also be organized
  • The test bench was developed from our own application experience and therefore offers a particularly high level of practical relevance



Technical data


In the power range up to 500 kW we cover the following requirements:

  • Torques currently up to 4000 Nm
  • Speeds up to 3500 rpm
  • High accuracy in the measurement of torque, power, and efficiency
  • Measurements accredited according to ECE-R85
  • Test specimens adjustable from 35 °C to 65 °C with cooling medium
  • DC voltage for test objects can be adjusted from 100 VDC to 750 VDC
  • Measurements on the motor as well as on the motor-inverter combination
  • Efficiency maps for motors, inverters, and combinations of these components
  • Variable voltage level for simulation of the battery characteristic curve from 100 to 700 VDC
  • Adaptations also possible for motor-gearbox combinations
  • Individual measurement procedures according to your specifications

Functions of the motor test bench


A wide range of measurements can be carried out on the test bench. The most important measurable characteristics include:

  • Electrical characteristics
  • Efficiencies
  • Thermal characteristics
  • Special measurements such as drag tests in no-load operation or active short circuit



Typical application scenarios


  • Determination of the characteristics of the motor, inverter, and motor-inverter combinations
  • Determination of efficiency maps
    Measurements for obtaining the ECE-R85 type approval
  • Investigation of the behavior at special operating points and their interactive optimization
  • Running of preprogrammed load cycles with determination of power consumption, thermal behavior, and much more

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