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Motor test bench

Calibrated test bench for inverters, motors, gear motors

The test stand was developed and built based on our customers’ applications and our experience in the field of electric drive systems. We use it for the further development of our products, for the optimal adaptation of given motors to our inverters, and as pure contract work for the testing and validation of motors and inverters of our test bench customers. For this purpose, you can book the test bench including a specialist for operation and evaluation.

Calibrated testbench

The test bench is calibrated annually for certified power determination of electric drive trains according to ECE-R85

Third-party motors

We will find the perfect match of our inverters to any motor that is optimal for your application

Extensive documentation

Partly automated, partly manual, we create the evaluation and documentation you want

Selected features and benefits

You want to use a motor ideally suited for your application with the advantages of VECTOPOWER inverters? No problem! We measure the system of motor and inverter on the test bench and determine the various 2-dimensional maps for optimum efficiency and maximum power. And of course you will receive all results in electronic form.

With our measuring equipment, which is always calibrated, we determine and document the efficiency maps of the motor, inverter and the resulting system. And this for both motor and generator operation. And for the boundary conditions (speed range, torque range, voltage, cooling water temperature…), which you specify.

We determine torque and power as a function of speed. And this for continuous operation as well as for the short-time overload capacities you require. Such as the 10s, 60s and 600s values or the 30-minute cycle according to ECE-R85.

We can execute validation measurement of power of an electric drive train according to ECE-R85. To do this, we first prepare the series of measurements, then perform them and repeat the measurement procedures in the presence of TÜV for validation.

Load profiles and boundary conditions specified by you can be run in detail. We record all the parameters and results that are relevant for you. In addition to speed and torque, the cooling water temperature can also be varied and, with a short response time, the DC voltage.

By making appropriate adjustments and extensions to our test stand, we can also perform very specialized tests and measurement series for you. Examples:

  • Measurements of motor and inverter with other cooling fluids like e.g. hydraulic oil
  •  Measurements with shiftable gearboxes in combination
  • Measurements in connection with a combustion engine as hybrid system


Some key data

  • Torque up to 4000 Nm
  • Speed without gearbox up to 3600 rpm
  • Other speeds and torques on request
  • Peak power up to 500 kW
  • Adjustable DC voltage 100 to 770VDC
  • Adjustable coolant temperature 10 to 90 C
  • Cooling fluid: water/glycol 50:50
  • 0ther coolants on request

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