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Electric drives and on-board power systems for ships

With several DNV-GL-certified VECTOPOWER models, ARADEX realizes solutions for inland and coastal vessels in voltage classes up to 800 V with power ratings up to 1200 kW.

Electric propulsion

Driving propellers with electric machines makes integrated diagnostics possible during operation. This also allows optimization for the suppression of cavitation effects.

Parallel hybrid

Parallel hybrid solutions also especially with asynchronous technology that has particular advantages.

On-board system

The generation of AC on-board systems as well as the integration of generators based on combustion engines or fuel cells for using hydrogen.

Electric propulsion


The ARADEX VirtualSensorTechnology module comes from applications in the field of industrial production machines as well as from applications in the operation of pumps. This can uncover irregularities in the rotation of the propeller (defective blade). VirtualSensorTechnology also offers great potential in the detection and suppression of cavitation effects. This applies in particular to applications where high maneuverability is of great importance.



Parallel hybrid with asynchronous motor


Asynchronous motors have a decisive advantage for parallel hybrids. If the inverter or motor winding etc. malfunctions, the electric machine will fail but not produce any disturbing influence such as generated voltage, unwanted braking torque, or a fire hazard in the event of short circuits. In the event of malfunction, the combustion engine can therefore still perform its service without the electric machine and thus without the need to mechanically decouple the electric machine either. As a special variant, ARADEX offers so-called DoubleShaft machines. These are asynchronous machines with two shaft ends and shafts that are generously designed to transmit the torque of the combustion engine. This means that parallel hybrids can even manage without an additional gearbox.

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