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Hydrogen drive solutions

VP5000 connected to Ballard Power Systems FCmoveTM-HD

Our high-voltage components are also excellently suited for hydrogen-based drives

In this chapter we are dedicated to solutions with hydrogen and fuel cells. Solutions with combustion engines for hydrogen can be found in the Hybrid Drives section. Our DC/DC converters optimally couple the fuel cell to the high-voltage system and are characterized by high efficiency, scalable performance and integrable power management. 

High efficiency

Our DC/DC converters for use with fuel cells are optimized for very high efficiency

Big voltage range

For almost any fuel cell: we cover input voltages from 110V to 600V

Scalable power

By parallel operation of our DC/DC converters (additional software) we also cover currents above 900A

We support you with the entire high-voltage system

We support you both in the dimensioning and in the safe control of the interactions of the high-voltage components.

How it works


Understanding your application and it´s special requirements


First dimensioning of all high-voltage components


Analyzing of power management and interactions of all high-voltage components


Analyzing of all exceptional working conditions of the system which must be covered


Designing the overall high-voltage system with all key-components

Advantages of the ARADEX concept for the use of hydrogen for drives

Hydrogen as an energy carrier for functional vehicles and mobile machinery can be converted into electrical power both in fuel cells and in internal combustion engines. Both variants have specific advantages. ARADEX offers the appropriate high-voltage components for both solutions.

We have been active in the field of renewable energies and their use for functional vehicles and mobile machinery for over 10 years. Our assessment: Many technological developments and successes have taken place, but more will follow. On the other hand, our customers must offer their customers solutions that will last for a long time. Therefore it is elementary to rely on sustainable overall concepts. We have been committed to the MultiEnergy approach right from the start. The electrification of the functional drives with simultaneous openness for different “suppliers” and storage systems for the electrical energy.

Of course, this is a truism, but it is just as challenging to realize in practice. Hydrogen is a valuable energy carrier that will also have its price for years to come. That is why we are concentrating on the highest possible efficiencies for both the DC/DC converter and all other high-voltage components.

The VECTOPOWER DC/DC converter reacts quickly to commands by the fuel cell controller and provides numerous measurement data in real time. For very fast processes, an integrated control unit is available directly in the DC/DC with a cycle time of 0.5 ms. This makes the DC/DC optionally a systemic component of the fuel cell.

With ARADEX DC/DC converters you also cover future generations of fuel cells, i.e. high-voltage system changes. To reduce the costs for fuel cells, one way is to use higher currents and lower voltages at the same time. However, these must then be “boosted” to rather higher target voltages of at least 800 V. With step-up factors of up to 1 : 7 and parallel connectivity for currents up to over 900 A, we offer a future-proof solution.

Some selected applications areas of electrified drivetrains

For a mobile working machine or for a functional vehicle, depending on the specific application, either a purely battery-electric solution may be best or a solution with hydrogen as the source and a small battery for the power peaks. Our modular MultiEnergy approach keeps you flexible.

Although our products are primarily developed for mobile applications, they also prove themselves in special stationary applications. These include, in particular, locally generated power grids. And these can be supplied from batteries as well as in the combination of battery + hydrogen.

With our DC/DC converters in combination with our inverters and the solutions for local power grids, a wide variety of solutions can be implemented, e.g. to realize electrical power supplies in transportable containers, e.g. for construction sites or other temporary applications. Here, too, the best solution is a combination of battery and hydrogen. And additionally with the possibility of recharging via possibly existing public grids with limited power.

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