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Mobile working machines

Electrification and hybridization of working machines

Mobile working machines and functional vehicles usually carry out their important duties for far more hours per year than privately used vehicles and therefore have a significantly longer useful life. Reducing CO2 emissions in these applications therefore substantially contributes to global climate protection. The tasks and thus the target-oriented solution approaches are wide-ranging.


ARADEX offers technologies for both pure battery solutions or hybrids, depending on the application. In the case of serial hybrids, technologies are available for both fuel cells and internal combustion engines.

Traction drives / functional drives

In the case of mobile working machines, a distinction must be made between traction drives and functional drives. Both can be implemented electromechanically or electrohydraulically.


The drive inverters of functional vehicles and mobile working machines can be equipped by ARADEX with application-specific functions and thus generate meaningful data as a kind of “edge computing”.

Mobile working machines: battery / hybrids / hydrogen

Pure battery solutions are often not effective, particularly in the case of mobile working machines, which sometimes have high energy requirements due to the tasks they perform. Diverse solutions are needed that also include hybrid energy systems in particular. Technical developments in this field are progressing rapidly, and hydrogen will become an important pillar. At ARADEX, we see it as our task to provide solutions and subsystems that can implement this diversity as well as future developments with as little impact as possible on the overall concept.



Electromechanics and hydraulics for mobile working machines


Electromechanical solutions are often much more efficient than hydraulic solutions. However, hydraulic drives also have specific advantages. ARADEX sees the solution in an intelligent combination of both technologies. For traction drives, electric drives offer significant advantages. Nevertheless, in special cases where extremely little installation space is available, hydraulic motors are unbeatable. In our view, hydraulic cylinders are the first choice for linear function drives. However, when it comes to supplying hydraulic power, it is worth taking a second look. On the one hand, there is the classic solution with a central hydraulic pump with valve controls and, on the other hand, a decentralized solution in which each hydraulic cylinder has its own specific hydraulic pump, electric motor, and converter. Here, the inverter takes over the power control and offers the advantages of significantly higher efficiency as well as elegant possibilities for recuperation.

“Added values” through functions and data acquisition

Electric drives have a better overall efficiency and can be controlled quickly and sensitively. At ARADEX, we focus on using each electric motor as its own sensor and optimizing work processes directly in the inverter. We call this “VirtualSensorTechnology”. In doing so, we have harnessed a technology for mobile machines that ARADEX developed 20 years ago for its customers in the industrial machinery sector (printing machines, presses, milling machines, grinding machines). This gives our customers the tools to innovate and, in particular, to acquire valuable data from the application. Our inverters also allow edge computing. Data can be selected and compressed for faster transmission – even entirely encrypted if desired.


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