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It is functionally given that inverters must be significantly reduced in output current at low rotational frequencies. Lower PWM switching frequencies due to reduced switching losses in turn enable higher currents. With the DynamicParameterAllocation module, we make a clear use of these correlations, especially for traction. We set the optimum PWM frequency with associated parameters for each operating point in speed and torque.

Application areas

Mainly traction drives, but also suitable for winches and other applications.

Features & Benefits
  • The entire map is 2-dimensionally adaptable to the dedicated application.
  • The switchover to each operating point takes place in real time under 1 ms and can therefore also follow dynamic processes without any problems.
  • Switching takes place without relevant influence on torque and speed of the control system.
  • In real applications, up to 50% higher starting torques are often achieved from standstill.
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