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ARADEX supports AGCO-FENDT in the “H2 Agrar” research project

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with Green Hydrogen – that is the aim of the “H2Agrar” research project, which is being funded by the German state of Lower Saxony with 2.8 million euros. As part of this project, the first two Fendt tractor prototypes with a hydrogen drive based on fuel cells were developed. In this project, Green Hydrogen is being researched as an alternative to diesel for the power range from 100 kW. The entire infrastructure of the research project has been adapted to the use of hydrogen. The tractors obtain their fuel from the only hydrogen filling station of suitable dimensions in the whole of Germany, which is also part of the overall funded project. The hydrogen is produced on site using electrolysis systems. The necessary energy is generated by a community wind farm.

Two products from our portfolio are also being used in this project: our VP5000-DCDC200HL high-voltage DC/DC converter and our VP600-18W360 drive inverter. We are delighted to be involved in this pioneering project with our high-voltage components!

The pilot phase has begun, the first tractors are in use and four to seven daily working hours are expected. You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGWxd8I9sKw

Image copyright: AGCO GmbH