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Member of the state parliament Tim Bückner visits ARADEX

Tim Bückner, member of the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg for the Schwäbisch Gmünd constituency, is curious to find out what is behind individual companies in his constituency. In order to satisfy his curiosity efficiently, Bückner specifically visits a community and stops off at several companies in that community in one day. As part of his visit to the town of Lorch, Tim Bückner also made a stop at ARADEX: “I like to gain a personal insight into the diversity and performance of the local economy and to understand the needs of companies.”

Company founder Thomas Vetter began by providing an insight into the company history and philosophy of ARADEX. How the transformation from industrial control and drive technology to mobile drive technology was achieved at a time when electromobility was still largely ridiculed. And how WEICHAI came to be a strategic partner. Thomas Vetter then explained the various possibilities in the field of electrification: “And ARADEX offers solutions for each of these possibilities!” ARADEX’s focus on the on- and off-highway and marine sectors is demonstrated by the fact that the electrification of an excavator reduces CO2 emissions by as much as electrifying 50 cars.

Thomas Vetter described the technology modules in the ARADEX portfolio as “Advantage through additional services”: ARADEX software modules in the inverter, for example when using underground drilling machines.

Finally, the panel, which was joined by Lorch’s mayor Marita Funk and Erich Knödler (Chairman of the Lorch city association of the political party CDU and district councillor of the Ostalbkreis) and Marcel Nasser (Marketing Coordinator, ARADEX), discussed the difficulties in the education sector, for example the declining numbers of students at universities in the courses of study relevant to ARADEX, as well as the often declining basic scientific and technical skills. Or the figures at the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd, increasing numbers of students and how these are linked to the shortage of teachers. According to Bückner, more students are studying at the PH, but not with the aim of working as a teacher later on.

Tim Bückner also provided insights into the difficulties of his work as a politician.