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Software release: Operating system VECTONUM Embedded 3.6.4

For the real-time operating system of the VECTOPOWER product family, a new release version has been released. With version 3.6.4 the following features have been integrated the firmware VECTONUM Embedded:

  • VECTOPOWER inverter VP600-18W268 is now supported with up to 900 A peak current, which is particularly relevant for the peak load during start-up and when driving uphill
  • Boost function for VECTOPOWER model VP600-28W268 is supported. The boost function describes a very precise method for measuring the temperature of semiconductors, which makes it possible to extract 20% more current from an IGBT for a short time (for example, for starting up).
  • Various bugfixes

VECTONUM Embedded 3.6.4 is available from the ARADEX sales team at +49 (0) 7172 / 9181-0 bzw. sales@aradex.com.