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Donation handover to the Christophorus Workshop of the Haus Lindenhof Foundation

The Christophorus Workshop in Ellwangen designed an “eierlegende Wollmilchsau” (quite literally an egg-laying, wool and milk sow, a synonym for an all-in-one device) in bronze for the RAW.21 award. This original trophy, including prize money of 1,000 euros, was presented to ARADEX AG shortly before Christmas 2021 for the hybrid commissioning of an electrified bulldozer over a long distance and under pandemic conditions. ARADEX decided that this prize money should benefit the Haus Lindenhof Foundation.

Workshop manager Matthias Rueß and his team were overjoyed when Thomas Vetter and Marcel Nasser from ARADEX personally handed over the donation. Mr. Rueß introduced them to the workshop group that had designed the prize. The donation will go directly to them: new seating areas are planned, a sun sail for the garden area etc. During the subsequent tour, Rueß showed how varied the activities in the workshop are and how much fun is had in the detail work.

From left to right: Thomas Vetter, Marcel Nasser, Matthias Rueß and two workshop employees.