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VP600 x8WAxx Double Inverter “Evolution” Series*

Our latest product, the VP600 x8WAxx Double Inverter “Evolution” series, is currently celebrating its world première at Agritechnica in Hanover. A Double Inverter for traction and function drives, available in different model types: Versions for two motors or connected in parallel for one large motor.

Optimized for applications even with higher quantities. And with an extended power spectrum! A few highlights in advance:

  • High overload capability for 10 minutes: Up to 50% higher power for 10 minutes: The integrated overload function enables variable overload options for different times. Example: in relation to the continuous power about +50 % for 10 minutes.
  • Perfect control: Combination of FPGA and microcontroller: Fast and precise control of current, flux, torque and speed by ARADEX FPGA technology. For optimum system efficiency across the entire operating range.
  • Software and connectivity: Integrated fast PLC: The VP600-x8WAxx are compatible in software functionality to the well-known VP600 series-3 inverters from ARADEX. The device can be upgraded with ARADEX technology modules or customized solutions.

We offer 3 models:

  • 28WA44 for 2 motors, 420 Arms 60s peak each
  • 28WA77 for 2 motors, 600 Arms 60s peak each
  • 18WA78 for one motor, 900 Arms 60s peak

More details and data sheets for the VP600-x8WAxx can be found at https://www.aradex.de/en/vectopower/inverter-vp600/ or contact us directly at sales@aradex.com

* All drawings and technical data are subject to change without notice.