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VECTONUM Embedded: Version 3.4.0 now available

Version 3.4.0 of “VECTONUM Embedded”, the operating system of our power electronics VECTOPOWER is now available. The most important features of version 3.4.0 are:

  • New “High Dynamic Flux Control” module (HDFC, VNE-537) for improved, more dynamic control of asynchronous motors
  • Sensorless support for PM motors, allowing them to be controlled without an additional controller

In addition, the following additional functions were implemented with the new update:

  • New NTC sensor type “104GTA-2” (VNE-561)
  • I / Os for reactive power and cos (phi) (VNE-557) can be added
  • The CAN-ID hardware filtering is disabled by default
  • CANopen support for 12 RPDO and 12 TPDO (previously 4 RPDO / TPDO) for VECTOPOWER devices
  • CANopen 0x1018 Serial – used for LSS: The serial number has been changed to a quasi-unique ID generated by the unique 96-bit device number STM32F4
  • CANopen PDO timer jittering improved
  • Unused VP Twin Drive I / Os removed from a VP Single Drive device

Furthermore, some bug fixes were carried out thus further improving the operating system. VECTONUM Embedded 3.4.0 can now be obtained from your project supervisor. We look forward to your inquiry.