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Software release: VECTONUM Embedded 3.6 now available

A new release version is available for the VECTONUM Embedded operating system.

VECTONUM Embedded is a real-time firmware for the ARADEX power electronics VECTOPOWER. With VECTONUM Embedded, application-specific applications and PLC processes can be implemented reliably in real time. This includes e.g. reactions to sensor signals or rotary motion of an electric motor.

With version 3.6.0 numerous new features were installed. The innovations cover, among others, the following points:

  • Faster recognition of encoder / resolver signal errors. In this way, a missing encoder / resolver signal is detected faster and a faulty motor acceleration is prevented (20 µs tripping time).
  • A resolver signal monitor has been added to detect a short-circuit between resolver cables.
  • New options have been added to change the motor or encoder direction in case they have been wired incorrectly. Attention: In such cases, especially the wiring should also be corrected wherever possible to avoid confusion.
  • The reaction to a defective encoder during operation is now configurable.
  • For VE modules, a version mechanism is introduced. This indicates the module name, version, creation date, and SVN revision (if available) that are readable via I / O. All new modules contain this version information. Existing modules can be updated by adding the new I / Os.
  • I / Os for reading the hardware serial numbers of the device have been added.
  • New temperature sensor types: PT1000, 103NT-4 NTC, 30 kOhm NTC
  • The analyzer configuration can now be saved permanently.
  • The new I / O Drive_CurrentControl_CtrlOutAbs displays the sum of the control outputs D and Q.
  • A hysteresis and a filter are added to monitor the engine temperature. This allows a complete control.

For more information about VECTONUM Embedded 3.6, please contact the sales team at +49 7172 / 91 81-0 or sales@aradex.com.