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Software release: VEConfig 2.3 available

A new version is available for the VECTOPOWER configuration software VEConfig. Compared to the previous version, version 2.3 has some useful new features. The following new features are available:

  • Wizard for setting up the DC / DC mode: This enables the basic configuration to be set automatically, making commissioning clearer, faster and also safer
  • New operation of the DCDC mode: The usability has been significantly improved, which means that better clarity leads to fewer operating errors. It provides a quick overview of the device functions and insight into the details. Parameterization and troubleshooting have also been significantly accelerated
  • Visualization of device limits: The display of limits shows at a glance what is currently causing any power limitations. Also new is the visualization of the IPM function including its current limits
  • Navigation in diagrams: The diagrams can now be worked through roughly after fine by clicking on the sub-functions. There is also a visualization of limitations in the sub-functions in the overview diagram
  • Wizard for automatic setting of the current regulator: The current regulator can now be set automatically when the motor is connected
  • Wizard – Online updates of motor, encoder and current controller settings: The database for motor, encoder and current controller settings has been expanded. In the course of this, new parameter sets are made available over time and can be obtained online. This allows the user to benefit from improved engine settings
  • Wizard for sensorless motor control: From version 2.3 a new wizard is available for the automatic setting of sensorless motor control
  • Graphic online I / O view: I / Os can now be displayed in graphical form as a chronological value curve. The display takes place online during normal operating status
  • Update function: A new update function indicates new program versions and can also install them automatically if required. In this way, the user is promptly informed about new functionalities, making them available to the user more quickly. The update is also faster because it is fully automatic
  • Parameterization of CANopen devices: VEConfig from version 2.3 can establish a connection to any CANopen device via CAN bus. All CANopen devices are supported regardless of the manufacturer. In this way, all parameters can be inspected and set. The online analyzer function is also supported

In addition, several improvements to existing functions and bug fixes were implemented:

  • Faster connection establishment and further performance improvements
  • New VE documentation is included
  • The parameters of two-axis devices are interchangeable
  • More detail in the diagram data
  • Contrast and legibility have been improved
  • The new analyzer is included
  • Windows 10 is supported
  • Support of up to 16 CAN connections

All new functions are also clearly explained in the new tutorial VEConfig 2.3. Go to tutorial

VEConfig version 2.3 is now available for download free of charge.