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Software release: VEConfig 2.1

An updated version was released for the VECTOPOWER configuration tool VEConfig at the beginning of June 2018. Version 2.1 improved the performance and product stability of the tool. In addition, already existing features were improved and new functions realized. In particular, the observation function of the I / Os has been significantly improved:

  • Improving Two-Axis Support
  • Zoom window for better readability of remote I / O values
  • Better drag and drop support
  • Dedustable view of I / O windows so that important I / Os are visible at all times (“Open in new window” menu on the I / O tabs)
  • I / Os can be added from the context menu
  • Add and remove I / O categories in the device tree

Other new features:

  • Diagrams, Assistant, and Home Page now have I / O boxes with an additional context menu for copying names, values, and labels
  • New “Set Points” diagram shows the Control Master Multiplexer
  • Improved analyzer handling
  • further small improvements

Optimizations to existing features

  • Better program performance through optimized data transfer and presentation

Version 2.1 is now available for download.