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Software release: VE Config 2.4 – now also available in Microsoft App Store

A new software version is now available for the VECTOPOWER configuration tool VEConfig. With version 2.4, the software is also offered for the first time via the Microsoft App Store. This offers users a quick and easy update option, and feedback can also be better channeled and taken into account in the development of future versions. In addition, the provision via the Microsoft App Store offers a greatly reduced initial configuration effort for the user and makes additional hardware superfluous.

Updates for VEConfig

Compared to the previous versions, version 2.4 has the following new features:

  • All new I / O values must be confirmed with the enter key. Unconfirmed values ??are displayed in ” characters for later confirmation. This procedure applies to all I / O values ??and should prevent incorrect entry of setpoints
  • Support for changing the CAN bit rate during the CAN connection
  • The status and title bars now contain more specific device and connection information
  • The wizard now offers the option of online updating of the motor, encoder, control and DCDC parameter sets as well as a new AFE wizard with LCL filter data
  • Updated error and I / O descriptions
  • Support of high resolution displays
  • Mute to delegate alerts to the Windows messaging system
  • All configured parameters can be quickly and easily reset to default values
  • Feedback can be sent directly to ARADEX via a new menu item Help / Send feedback.
  • Performance improvements

New: Extended features available

As before, VEConfig remains free with all important basic functions. The download can be made directly from the ARADEX website or optionally via the Microsoft App Store. For the first time, from version 2.4 there is also the option of activating additional features for a fee via an in-app purchase (only via the Microsoft App Store). The extension offers the following additional features:

  • The new “CAN bus” screen now shows all CAN bus parameters. Including the CAN bus load. The new function for limiting the bus load of VEConfig can be helpful in scenarios with a high load.
  • With the new “CANopen” screen, CAN messages from VECTOPOWER devices can be easily displayed and configured. This is often referred to as the “CAN matrix”. Load and save functions can restore CAN configurations or transfer them to other devices.
  • A DBC file export of the CAN messages facilitates the interaction with other devices.

Further information on VEConfig and download options