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Software Release: Analyser 2.1.0 available

The analysis software ANALYZER has been updated with a new software release.

The ANALYZER enables the display, evaluation and documentation of measured values such as current, voltage or force profiles within the application. The tool is not manufacturer-dependent in terms of hardware compatibility. The clear, graphical representation of the measured values in real time enables a quick overview.

Compared to the previous version, the new ANALYZER version offers the following features:

  • Channel editor: Allows faster editing of the channels
  • A new cursor view makes it easier to read and copy the channel values at the cursor position to the clipboard
  • Quick Load: Displays files in the most recently used folder and all folders of the files used for faster access
  • Support for high-resolution monitors
  • High DPI scaling: It allows you to draw thick lines on high resolution monitors
  • SVG export: High-resolution and scalable graphics can be created
  • User-defined functions: in addition to the integrated analysis functions, you can create your own analysis functions
  • Visual adjustments: New icons, zoom symbols and the cursor view in detail displays have been optimized
  • Automatic updates: Analyzer now informs the user directly about new updates and also offers an automatic update function, which means that the user can quickly and easily always have the latest software.

The new software version is now available free of charge via the download function of the ARADEX website.