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Researcher Diploma Fred encourages the future generation!

As in every year, preschool children in the Mörike day care center were allowed to do research for several months with “Fred, the ant”.

The program is an educational sponsorship by ARADEX, which is aimed at encouraging interest in scientific contexts in preschool children. For this purpose, ARADEX AG supports the day care center Mörike in the experiments that the children conduct over the months. The experiments serve to encourage children’s curiosity, the fascination of remarkable discoveries and lay a foundation for scientific understanding. Just before the preschool children are enrolled in primary school, they receive the coveted research diploma in recognition of their findings.

In July 2019 it was time again: Nine girls and boys received their research diploma. Mark Oliver Utz from the ARADEX AG and Robert Schimkat, the supervisor of the experiments, also took part in this festive occasion.

In 2019, there is more good news regarding the educational sponsorship with the Mörike day care center: this summer, all children from the first year of the sponsorship successfully passed their Abitur (the German school leaving exam, which qualifies for university admission). Everyone involved is very proud of this success and looks forward to many more years of exciting experiments with the children – and, of course, hopefully, to increased interest and enrollment in the scientific disciplines.