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Ready for download: Software Release VE Config 2.2

A new version is available for the VECTOPOWER configuration software VEConfig. Version 2.2 makes VEConfig much faster and thus more user-friendly. In addition, there are several innovations. Essentially, these are the following features:

  • The wizard now supports the configuration of the HDFC function for controlling asynchronous motors
  • Some ARADEX motors include motor configurations (motor, current control, encoder configuration) that can be easily loaded into the program
  • User-specific views can be saved, VEConfig uses the currently used configuration

VE Config 2.2 is now available and can be downloaded for free.

Complete change log

  • The “Finish” page of the wizard shows a summary of all changed I / Os. Here all changes can be checked in detail
  • There is a new automation interface for accessing VECTOPOWER and VD5x devices through the software. Most VEConfig functions are accessible: I / O access, firmware download, device control, etc. The interface is based on GRPC and is similar to the libV8User interface of VECTONUM V8
  • Watch I / O configurations
    • The default configurations are updated. Especially the observation of active limits has been improved
    • A new “Default_VP_full” shows all I / Os. This is an option for professional users
    • The default configurations are now read-only. The default view is always available, even during other installations
  • The I / O structures are now supplied with text and attribute filters. The attribute filter is under the text filter and is always visible
  • Better performance
    • Connecting to devices, disconnecting and rebooting works much faster
    • Filtering in the I / O tree works faster
    • Reading and writing .vecfg files works faster
  • Also new is a usage statistic. It works anonymously, requires an opt-in agreement and is DSGVO (EU 2016/679) compatible. The usage statistics service can send statistics about how often program functions are actually used. Based on this data, ARADEX can make sure to prioritize much-used functions with additional enhancements. By activating these services, you support a user-oriented further development of VE Config.
  • The firmware download function is available directly from the device list in the splash screen.
  • A number of standard analyzer configurations have been added to analyze common scenarios (AFE, DCDC, generator, speed, SLC, torque, V / f, DC voltage, encoder commutation).