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Practice-oriented VECTOPOWER training courses at ARADEX

We at ARADEX do not leave you alone – if you have decided to have the energy management regulated by the proven VECTOPOWER technology, you can fall back on an extensive selection of services. For this purpose, ARADEX offers numerous training courses on how to use the VECTOPOWER inverters. These can be booked optionally and as required. This ensures that all people who work with VECTOPOWER or on the drive train receive the necessary know-how to be able to use the full potential of VECTOPOWER. The training courses also convey important safety-related aspects. Depending on the previous experience of the training participants, the training courses are supplemented by practical exercises. All training courses are held by ARADEX engineers who have in-depth knowledge of VECTOPOWER technology. The following VECTOPOWER training courses are available:

  • Introduction of VECTOPOWER (VP600, VP5000): models, functions, connections / interfaces
  • Installation VECTOPOWER (VP600, VP5000): Technical data, interfaces / pin configuration, installation, cooling, EMC
  • Commissioning VECTOPOWER (VP600, VP5000): standard firmware, parameterization, protective function, system sequence
  • Motor + Generator Basics VECTOPOWER (VP600): set current controller, operating modes, commutation
  • Traction drives / auxiliary drives VECTOPOWER (VP600): speed mode, torque mode, current mode, parameterization of a motor
  • Generator mode VECTOPOWER (VP600): wiring, program sequence with / without precharge circuit, operation, analysis, optimization, master / slave circuits, parallel operation
  • U / F mode VECTOPOWER (VP600): introduction, cabling, program execution, parameterization, overmodulation
  • AFE mode VECTOPOWER (VP600): introduction, wiring, precharge circuit, program sequence, parameterization
  • Grid mode VECTOPOWER (VP600): introduction, wiring, synchronization, program execution, parameterization
  • DCDC VECTOPOWER (VP5000): introduction, wiring, voltage / current measurement, specifications

We would be happy to provide further information and availability of appointments. Please write to sales@aradex.com mit.