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Paper for calculation of critical winding temperature of electric machines published

As part of his research semester, Prof. dr. Ulrich Schrade from the University of Ulm in cooperation with the ARADEX AG wrote a comprehensive study on the topic “Simulation Environment for the Design of Electric Drives in Commercial Vehicles”.

The aim of the study was the development of a simulation environment for the determination of the achievable driving performance and the consumption of electrical energy for electric machines and the associated converter. With this objective in mind, a simulation environment was developed that includes a trip distance calculation in the time domain and integrates the motor currents occurring in discrete time steps and calculates the losses and the temperatures with the efficiencies of the motor and converter. The focus of this essay is the analytical calculation of the critical winding temperature of the electric machine. The simulation tool manages requires very little data and is thereby also suitable for continuously calculating temperatures during driving. As a result, in addition to the data for power losses, it also provides information as to whether the e-machine and the inverter are sufficiently dimensioned for the required task.

The detailed study was published on 18.9.2018 in issue 5/18 of the “eMobil Journal”. The publication with the article can be ordered directly from the publisher.(Attention: It is available in German only)