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VEConfig 2_7

New software release: VEConfig 2.7 now available

The VEConfig 2.7 release is now available in the usual channels. Besides many improvements in detail, the main new features are:

  • Backup function: easily creates a complete backup as a file. This can then be loaded back onto the VP600 and VP5000 using the “Firmware Download” function.
  • New VE-Library: now also contains the user manuals for most of our devices. These are constantly being expanded and updated.
  • Improved table editor: facilitates the display and input of tables. This editor can be activated via the table icon for all array I/Os. If the I/Os are named appropriately, columns and rows are automatically placed appropriately. In order to be able to process the data easily, it is still possible to exchange data with Microsoft Excel (Copy & Paste buttons).
  • Other improvements: fixed bugs and improved performance

The update can be downloaded immediately from the Microsoft AppStore.

For more information, see the VEConfig user manual, chapter In-App Purchases. It is included in the VEConfig software.