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New software release: VEConfig 2.6 with MultiCAN now available

The CAN Plus package makes it easier to work with several devices on one CAN bus, for example if several VECTOPOWER, ECUs and a battery management system are used in a commercial vehicle. In addition, the data from other manufacturers can be displayed (DBC files).

  • Show all CAN bus devices: Display overview of all CAN bus participants and additionally DBC files from other manufacturers.
  • Configure CAN communication: Configure CAN telegrams for sending and receiving. Save and load created configurations.
  • Display and limit CAN bus load: Display the bus load. Limit the share of VEConfig in the bus load, if necessary.
  • Accessing CANopen devices: Read access to all CANopen devices, additionally write access to all ARADEX devices. Enables the use of ARADEX’s online Analyzer (for graphical displays and evaluation) for devices from other manufacturers.
  • View information from other manufacturers: Display information about devices from other manufacturers if an EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) is available.

The update can now be downloaded from the Microsoft AppStore.

For more information, please refer to the VEConfig user manual, chapter In-App Purchases. It is included in the VEConfig software.