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New software release: VEConfig 2.5 now available

A new version of the configuration software for the VECTOPOWER devices “VEConfig” is available for download. With version 2.5, some new features have been implemented, which primarily serve new possibilities with regard to the connection establishment. The following new features have been implemented:

  • The home screen contains a list of recently used connections. This list can be used to quickly connect to the last known devices
  • The home screen includes a manual connection option to connect to devices and skip the automatic device scan
  • The firmware download includes a device type check to avoid downloading firmware files that do not fit the specified device
  • Comparing configuration files (* .vecfg) is made easier because the I / O are sorted by I / O name when configuration files are saved
  • As of version 2.5, the export of error information contains the error group for each error. This information makes it easier to assign VE errors
  • In the DCDC mode, the precharge circuit, chopper and current limitation can now also be graphically displayed

The update can now be downloaded from the Microsoft AppStore or directly from the ARADEX-Website