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New Software Release: Analyser 2.0.2

A release version is available for the analysis software V8 Analyzer. The Analyzer is a tool for displaying, evaluating and documenting measurement series. These can be, for example, current, voltage or force curves. The graphical representation in the form of characteristic curves allows the user a very precise setting of the respective application. Analyzer data can be imported both from ARADEX components as well as from Excel and CSV files. The new analyzer version has been optically modernized and now corresponds to the look of modern Windows programs. Furthermore, the usability of the software has been fundamentally improved. Here, the two-part operation (display / channel selection) has been replaced by a continuous program interface, which enables uninterrupted data display and processing. Furthermore, shortcuts were also adapted to familiar standards. In addition to the paid full version is also a free Light version with limited functionality. The following functions were implemented both in the full version and in the light version:

  • Several files can be loaded into one analyzer.
  • Several views can be opened per file. Both are particularly helpful for more detailed analyzes.
  • You can add multiple I / Os per vertical axis. Practical example for setpoint / actual value analyzes.
  • The channel selection of a view can easily be transferred to another view or to an e-mail.
  • The cursors are now easier to read. Likewise, a channel can be highlighted and highlighted, which makes sense above all in the display of many fluctuating data.
  • A central “Properties” view replaces many detail dialogues. For example, lower and upper limits and the color of channels can be edited.
  • An undo and redo function allows a smoother operation.
  • A Crash Reporting and Usage Statistics service has been integrated.

The full version is now available and available through the sales team (sales@aradex.com). In addition to the features included in the free version, the paid version still includes the following features:

  • The most important mathematical operations are now accessible via context menu. Example: Filter, divert and divert.
  • Practical for logging: The printing of data can be better adapted. To insert in Word or similar A space-saving and lossless compressed PNG file can be placed directly on the clipboard.

The light version is also available immediately and can be obtained via the download function. More detailed information about the analyzer can be found here.