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New reference report: Multi Tool Trac, tractor with hybrid drive

With the Multi Tool Trac, a new generation of tractors is rolling across the fields: it is a wheel-adjustable tractor with a hybrid drive system, which has been equipped with the ARADEX VECTOPOWER power electronics. The Multi Tool Trac has three PTO shafts to attach attachments between the wheels, as well as front and rear. The innovative agricultural machine is powered by a diesel and two electric motors. Two ARADEX double inverters (type VP600-28W233) were installed for the energy management thus ensuring optimized current regulation in the electrical part of the hybrid drive system. The electric drive also gains additional efficiency through the ability to recuperate, in which generated braking energy is fed back into the battery for use. With the hybrid drive system, the tractor can uses 20% less diesel than comparable applications – so it’s not just a highly thought-out solution for agricultural usability, it’s also a greener, cleaner version. All features and more detailed drive design information can be found in the Hybrid Tractor Multi-Tool-Trac reference report.