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New reference report: Energy Generation System Surf’n’Turf

A DC/DC converter from ARADEX supports energy management in an innovative energy generation system.

As part of the “Surf’n’Turf” project, energy is being gained on the Scottish Orkney Islands using wind and tidal turbines. It is the world’s first system that uses tidal turbines to generate electrical energy. The CO2 free energy is used for the drives of the electric ferries and vehicles operating there and for the energy supply of the harbor buildings.

The energy is stored as hydrogen, so a fuel cell system is necessary for making the energy usable agin. For realize the best system integration, Proton Motors, ARADEX business partner and supplier of the fuel cell system for this project, used an ARADEX VP5000 DC/DC converter. The DC/DC converter compensates for the volatile voltage level of the fuel cell and thus enables the efficient conversion of hydrogen into electrical energy.

More information about the project can be found in the reference report Surf’n’Turf.

The project is a collaboration between Community Energy Scotland, the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC), the Orkney Islands Council, Eday Renewable Energy and ITM Power.