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New at ARADEX: Mobile Chargers

ARADEX ‘wide range of electric drive technology products for commercial vehicles, construction machinery and ships will once again be expanded: From now on, ARADEX will also be offering three mobile chargers, which of course are compatible with the other drive components from ARADEX. The chargers are merchandise of high quality, selected by ARADEX trading partners. The chargers offer a light and compact design, galvanic isolation between mains and HV battery for more safety, quiet operation and high efficiencies of well over 90 percent. Compatible with single and three-phase power outlets of varying performance, the devices provide user-friendly flexibility. Especially in the field of commercial vehicles advantage: by parallel connection, the charging power can be further increased. Two of the chargers work with a water cooling system. These devices provide the following technical data:

  • Input voltage single phase: 200-250V
  • Input voltage three-phase: 360-440V
  • Max. Input current three-phase per phase: 32 A
  • Input frequency (+/- 1%): 45-65 Hz
  • Charging voltage three-phase: 570-750 V, or 310 – 430 V
  • Max. Charging current: 35 or 60 A respectively
  • Three-phase efficiency: 94%
  • Weight: 12 kg

The third device is an on-board charging device that is operated with air cooling. Technical specifications:

  • Single-phase input voltage: 100-185, or 185-256V
  • Input voltage three-phase: 173-340 or 340-460V
  • Max. Input current three-phase per phase: 16 A
  • Max. Output voltage: 210-840 VDC
  • Max. Current (output): 20 ADC
  • Three-phase efficiency:> 90%
  • Weight: 24 kg

Further information about the chargers is available on request – please contact our sales team.