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Innovative development: Control technology for electric turbochargers

The challenges of an electric turbocompressor lie in the high speeds and the simulatanously required high efficiencies and reliable function. Relevant are purely electrically driven turbochargers, for example, for the supply air of fuel cells. With the further development of control technology for high-speed drives, initial tests with fuel cells and electric turbochargers also confirmed that the size and cost of relevant key components in the fuel cell can be reduced by compressing the intake air. When implementing electric turbocompressors, ARADEX control technology in the FPGA power electronics has three major advantages that make the “E-Turbo” suitable for series production even with higher outputs:

  • A completely sensorless control. Principle: components that are not installed do not fail
  • A control with minimal harmonic losses in the rotor, which enables mechanically stable and inexpensive series solutions
  • Recognition and regulation of typical effects of the turbocompressor, such as avoidance of operation above the so-called stall line – again totally without sensors thanks to the SmartSensor technology from ARADEX

ARADEX is currently seeking suitable pilot applications for the further development of an electric turbocompressor. If you are interested, we look forward to your inquiry.