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Innovative agricultural machine: new MultiToolTrac with ARADEX inverter

The Dutch-based agricultural machinery manufacturer MTT Tractors BV has announced a new model of the innovative MultiToolTrac, which will go into series production in summer 2020.

The special feature of the Multi-Tool-Trac is the adjustable track width. This can be chosen variably between 2.25 and 3.25 m. This allows the vehicles to be optimally adapted to the respective conditions: both in tight spaces on the roads for safety and on the field, where a wide wheelbase causes less soil compaction and thus has a positive influence on the quality and quantity of the harvest. In addition, the vehicles have two hitches and power take-offs, which can be used to connect attachments. Where the front hitch is 100% in the drivers’s field of view. Another advantage are the compact dimensions, tight turning cycle, high ground clearance and the efficient power train of the vehicle.

The new MultiToolTrac E120 also has a hybrid drive, which consists of four synchronous electric motors (single-wheel drive) and a diesel engine as a range extender. The electric motors each offer a power of 44 kW. Furthermore, a 30 kW battery belongs to the drive train, which keeps the engine at its most efficient “sweet spot” and is charged by the recuperation of the braking energy. In order to optimally adjust the current and voltage levels in the drive system and to achieve high energy efficiency, two double inverters of the type VP600-28W233 from ARADEX were installed. This provides reliable current regulation for currents up to 145 Aeff with a continuous power of 78 kVA per phase and a peak power of 133 kVA (10 seconds). For PTO and Hydraulic pump, a third ARADEX double inverter is used. As a result, the new MultiToolTrac, as well as its predecessors, has an extremely powerful, efficient and low-emission drive.

The new model will be publicly presented in March 2020, with serial availability expected to be available from summer 2020 onwards.