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Innovation Award for application with ARADEX technology

The company Holthausen has won the Innovation Award of the Green Fair in Hardenberg, the Netherlands, with a 100% hydrogen powered sweeper. The sweeper, which was built in cooperation with the company Jean Heybroek, was equipped with an electric motor and power electronics from ARADEX. It is therefore an emission-free fuel cell vehicle, which also has an efficient and coordinated drive system. The electric motor of the VECTOMOTOR product line offers 29 kW of power as well as a rated speed of 3000 rpm with a max. Torque of 270 Nm for 10 seconds or 175 Nm for one minute. The inverter of the VECTOPOWER product line, optimized for a voltage range of 30 – 770 V, ensures optimum energy management in the drive system. The electric motor is powered by a 15 kW fuel cell. The sweeper can be used for a full two days without reloading. The refueling of the 70 mpa hydrogen tank, however, takes less than four minutes and is therefore comparable to the refueling time of a diesel vehicle. The sweeper is used by the environmental department of the Dutch municipality of Groningen. We congratulate Holthausen on the award and look forward to a successful application of the application. Back