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Excursion of the FH Esslingen to ARADEX

On December 4, ARADEX opened the gates for a student excursion of the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. On this occasion, a group of aspiring industrial engineers followed the invitation to get a taste of “practical air” at ARADEX.

The excursion started with a theoretical part, in which board member Thomas Vetter introduced the students to the topic “The transition to e-mobility as a disruptive process”. At the same time, Vetter illustrated the process of mobility change and highlighted the importance of electromobility for society. Furthermore, the role of ARADEX in this process was demonstrated using VirtualSensor technology as an example. Subsequently, the inspection of the test bench for electric motors as well as a demonstration of how an electric motor can reproduce the melodies of well-known hits, triggered by the targeted control of the torque. Even if the playback of the pieces of music seems to be amusing at first, it can impressively show how exactly the control can be made here with the aid of the VECTOPOWER inverter. After a demonstration of the diverse possibilities of using the VirtualSensor technology, the students finally developed further ideas for sensible fields of application of the SmartSensor technology in all types of mobile working machines and special vehicles in the form of a short workshop.

During the subsequent lunch together on the ARADEX grounds, there was still the opportunity for an exchange between students and employees of the company ARADEX, which was gladly accepted by both sides. After the refreshment, the excursionists spent the afternoon with the ARADEX partner EFA-S (Electric Vehicles Stuttgart), where they finally visited the finished vehicles and answered further questions about the corresponding process steps.