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Electrification of emergency vehicles with ARADEX drive technology

In order to further promote electromobility in emergency vehicles of fire brigades and rescue services, EFA-S (Elektro Fahrzeuge Stuttgart) has entered into a cooperation agreement with the company CS from Schwäbisch Gmünd aiming to electrify emergency vehicles throughout Europe. While CS develops the bodywork solutions, as well as the installation of drive technology and after-sales service, EFA-S supplies the drive and battery management solutions.

The prototype, an electrified ambulance, was presented this year at the trade fair for rescue services in Fulda. There, it was possible to successfully demonstrate how efficient and application-optimized electric mobility can now be used. The prototype was equipped by EFA-S in cooperation with CS with an electric motor and an inverter from ARADEX. The motor, a synchronous motor from the product family VECTOMOTOR, with 1150 Nm of torque is optimally suited for traction applications of this size. The inverter from the VECTOPOWER product line, which is indispensable for efficient energy management in the powertrain, optimally matches the electric motor used. The energy from the recuperative drive comes from an 87 kWh battery, which enables a range of up to 200 kilometers.

ARADEX congratulates EFA-S and CS on the cooperation agreement and the completed prototype and looks forward to a successful electrification of emergency vehicles.