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ARADEX technology in an innovative feed mixer

As part of the partnership between Motrac Industries and ARADEX, Reesink Agri has developed a clean and efficient electric drive for a Kuhn feed mixer, which also offers special functions:

The drive of the feed mixer was completely electrified for this thus saving fuel and CO2 emissions. The fact that most farms have solar panels on their roofs and can use green electricity to a large extent, increases the environmental benefits. The feed mixer is now powered by an electric motor from ARADEX ‘engine family VECTOMOTOR (more information on the engine on request). The energy management is accomplished by the inverter VP600-18W140-TR, also from ARADEX. The optimal coordination of motor and inverter enables a high efficiency of the drive system.

In addition, the electrified feed mixer has other useful features: It is operated via a smartphone app and a remote control, which allows the mixing process to be remotely controlled. Also, the unloading of the feed can be precisely dosed and controlled in this way. All these functions are taken care of by a single vehicle, so that no additional tractor needs to be used for feeding.