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ARADEX at the Hyfindr Tech Talk on YouTube

Hyfindr is a B2B platform based in Germany. Its goal is to support the growth of the global hydrogen economy with cutting-edge knowledge and digital tools. Including a YouTube channel to learn more about the technology that supports the use of hydrogen.

In the twelfth edition of Hyfindr Tech Talk, Steven Oji of Hyfindr talks with Thomas Vetter, one of the founders of ARADEX AG, about the use and characteristics of fuel cell DC/DC converters, which is the link between the fuel cell and the high-voltage system, e.g. in large commercial vehicles.

Thomas Vetter gives deeper insights into our FCDC500, presenting interesting graphs, diagrams and explaining the technology behind it.

The two experts also discuss the trend towards higher voltages, which allows the use of smaller, cheaper and lighter cables. At the same time, we see the trend in the opposite direction for fuel cells: for the same power, rather higher currents at lower voltages.

To achieve this, the so-called step-up ratio of DC/DC converters must be increased, while at the same time maintaining the highest possible efficiency.

Interested? You can find the complete issue of the joint Tech Talk at:

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