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ARADEX at the 4th NRMM in Berlin

ARADEX at the 4th NRMM in Berlin, 27.-29.04.2022

The ARADEX team looks forward to welcoming you in person or digitally at this year’s NRMM 2022 in Berlin. Especially in the electrification and hybridization of mobile machinery we have a great lever to reduce CO2 emissions, to reduce consumed raw materials and to reduce related geostrategic dependencies. ARADEX has been investing in high voltage inverters and DC/DC converters for mobile applications since 2007, covering the complete power range needed for medium and large mobile working machines. The introduction of hydraulic energy conversion, especially since the late 1960’s, led to a technological change, especially due to the improved and simplified controllability of movements and working processes. We are convinced that smart electrification of powertrains offers similar potential. We would like to inform you about precisely these possible added values with our presentation at this NRMM on 29.04.2022 at 9.35 a.m. to provide you with first-hand information.