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High power mobile applications

3 solutions for high power electric drivetrains from 300 kW to 1200 kW

Mobile electric drives with high continuous power above 300kW are becoming increasingly important. For example, for large dumpers, wheel loaders or other working machines. Already in 2010 ARADEX realized a mobile application with a drive with 800kW continuous power. Based on this experience, we can now offer 3 different solution variants – each with its individual advantages:

  • Several inverters, which feed synchronized into one large motor
  • 2 directly coupled motors
  • 2, 4 and more synchronized motors with summation gearboxes

In addition to high continuous power, our solutions also offer high overload reserves for several minutes. With the clear goal of avoiding unnecessary oversizing. An important point is also the realization of possible redundancies or emergency running characteristics. Particularly with heavy vehicles, maneuverability even in the event of a defective component is of great added value.

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