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Integrated PLC in the VP600

Freely programmable PLC in the inverter

All VECTOPOWER VP600 inverters have an integrated high-performance PLC with our own real-time operating system VECTONUM Embedded (VE for short). With a cycle time of only 0.5 ms, functions can be implemented that are based on measured variables and characteristics of the inverter. This allows valuable measurement data to be obtained as well as directly controlling and optimizing the driven function in the desired manner.

Fast response

Fast-responding due to 0.5 ms cycle time. Synchronized for the FPGA-based control of the inverter.

Maximum IP-protection

For any kind of technology functions for our customers, protected against access by third parties.

Enables edge computing

Also ideal for using the inverter as an “edge computer” for data acquisition and as the basis for AI applications.

Why a PLC in the inverter?

In general, functions and sequences of electric drives can be implemented in a higher-level control. To support this optimally, the VP600 responds to CAN commands on demand (and depending on the parameterization) within one millisecond.


However, the VECTOPOWER VP600 offers an additional option: its integrated PLC. And this is not only available to our project engineers but also in full to our customers. Teamwork between the higher-level control and the drive PLC often results in considerably better solutions or completely new functions. Various features are bundled together:


  • The higher-level control as the “central intelligence” of the entire machine
  • • The drive PLCs with their direct and fast connection to the driven process, e.g., the VirtualSensor technology for sensorless determination of the motor torque in real time.

The specific advantages of the integrated PLC

The VECTONUM Embedded applications from the VP600 mobile inverter family VECTOPOWER allow a cycle time of 0.5 ms. The operating system has been developed by ARADEX and is very lean. As a result, almost 90% of the installed computing power is available for customer applications. This is also due to the fact that the powerful FPGA is responsible for systemic processes such as current control, flow control, etc… .

FFor real-time systems, it is not only important that the correct results are always calculated during computing operations but that these results are also available deterministically with respect to time. With VECTONUM Embedded, the unavoidable jitter is only a few µs. Another big advantage is that the PLC with its microcontroller and convenient floating point capabilities clocks synchronously with the FPGA, which controls the motor and records all sensors. This makes it possible to prevent undesired beats that would otherwise be the case with non-synchronous systems.

Many system and process variables are available in real time for the implementation of a wide variety of applications. These include the variables that the FPGA uses for the control. This makes actions in the processes driven by the electric motor visible and measurable, in some cases in high resolution, even without external sensors. These actions can then serve as the basis for new functions. Such functions can be implemented by our project engineers as well as by the user or by third parties. In addition, these functions can be developed and activated so that they are encapsulated as individual modules if required.

How to get your own functions

VECTOSTUDIO enables the direct implementation of your own functions in the PLC of the VP600.

We are also happy to offer you implementation by our project engineers, providing you with implemented solutions along with source codes and training.

Individual, “hybrid” solution: You describe a basic function that is implemented by ARADEX. You will receive the source codes and corresponding training. Afterwards, your development team can further develop the function independently without any further intervention on the part of ARADEX. However, the ARADEX team will of course still be available if required.

Coordinated tools

For optimum work with VECTONUM Embedded (VE)

  • VECTOSTUDIO (VS) is available as a fully integrated development environment
  • VEConfig as a commissioning tool for parameterization
  • and the Analyser as an integrated oscilloscope