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Basic Technology ARADEX

From technology to product, from product to system

Functional vehicles and mobile working machines are highly sophisticated overall systems with often complex tasks. The transition to electrified drive trains and complete electric or hybrid solutions offers new technological possibilities that will shape the market of the future. However, these technological possibilities are also a major challenge for the manufacturers of these vehicles and machines. We at ARADEX see our contribution in not only offering DC/DC converters, inverters, and electric motors but also coordinated subsystems and the support for integrating them into your respective concrete application.

The technological basis of ARADEX products


Introduced at ARADEX shortly after the foundation of the company in 1989; ARADEX is one of the application pioneers. We use FPGA to implement the extremely fast and deterministic processes in our inverters and DC/DC converters


Microcontrollers with ARADEX's own real-time system complement the FPGA with computing power and flexibility


Extremely precise semiconductor models enable optimum utilization of the performance of modern power semiconductors (IGBT, SiC) and, at the same time, a long and predictable service life in heavy continuous use


We see both the software functions in our inverters and the associated tools as the most important keys to digitization as well as to the use of AI in working machines.


FPGA = Field Programmable Gate Array. An FPGA is a kind of processor that you can design yourself. Tailor-made for the fast functions required in our inverters and DC/DC converters. We thus realize the fastest processes, e.g., for control or monitoring tasks, with an absolutely reliable cycle time of only 2 µs. And reliability (deterministic behavior) is just as important as speed. The FPGA also plays an important role in the implementation of functions such as the VirtualSensor technology, in order to determine the motor torque in a high resolution from the internal measured variables without additional sensors.


The microcontroller with real-time system forms a high-performance integrated PLC in each of our inverters. This is available to our application engineers as well as to you in order to obtain valuable measurement data from the driven process and, optionally, to process this data immediately for process optimization. Microcontroller and FPGA not only work closely together but also isochronously. In this way we avoid unwanted beats in the acquisition of signals and unwanted interactions. All recorded and controlled characteristics of the FPGA are available to the internal PLC in real time.


A few proprietary models of power semiconductors allow us to exploit the physical limits of power semiconductors technologically as well. This allows us to achieve higher realizable power from the IGBT, SiC. And this comes along with a long service life, which we can calculate and validate in real operation, even under challenging cyclical loads.


With VECTOSTUDIO we offer a comfortable development environment for our inverters and DC/DC converters if you want to use the integrated PLC for your dedicated functions. Of course, we also offer such implementations as a service. For example, by creating an initial implementation with source codes including training for your software team. C++ as well as the various languages of IEC 61131-3 are available.


VEConfig is a convenient and powerful tool both for configuring and parameterizing our inverters and DC/DC converters as well as for functional commissioning. Wizards and sophisticated diagnostic functions facilitate the work.


The Analyser tool provides a quick and easy way to display the data that our inverters and DC/DC converters collect using their built-in oscilloscope functions.

Technology modules

ARADEX offers software-based technology modules helpful additions that can be purchased optionally. For more information – ask our sales team about the available technology modules