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Overall design of HV system

Equipment for HV system

Any product can only be as good as it is for the application. Therefore, in addition to inverters, DC/DC converters, and electric motors, we also offer assistance in designing the electric drive train and the entire high-voltage (HV) system as a service.

We also offer other important components for HV design, such as batteries or gearboxes from our efficient partner network, in combination with our products. If components from our partner network are used, the corresponding ARADEX partner will of course also be included in the optimized drive design.

Optimum coordination

All components in the drive train are perfectly matched to one another

Renowned partners

Power sources and gearboxes are sourced from professional ARADEX partners

Everything like from a one-stop-shop

ARADEX takes care of coordination between the manufacturers for you


Together with our partners we will find the ideal gearbox solution for your application.

The spectrum ranges from planetary gearboxes and spur gearboxes to summing gearboxes and double-clutch gearboxes and switchable stages.

Just ask our sales department about the options available for your application


With regard to batteries for your application, it is not only the energy content and voltage level that are decisive but also the basic technology. Each has its specific advantages and disadvantages, which we will examine together with you in order to find the optimum solution for your specific application. The following battery technologies are available for this:

  • Li-FePO: lithium iron phosphate
  • Li-NMC: lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxides
  • LTO: lithium titanate oxides

Just ask our sales department about the options available for your application.

Hydrogen fuel cells

Given the breadth of our customers’ applications and the ongoing technological development, we know that fuel cells can be an important component of a future-oriented drive train. That is why we have made it possible to find the ideal fuel cell for your application together with our partners.

Our sales team looks forward to your inquiry and will be happy to explain the possibilities for your specific application.


The Power Distribution Unit (PDU) often is an underestimated component in electrification of mobile applications. It offers the prefabricated HV electrical system including contactors, fuses, filters and other
components in one housing in a design and IP protection class that is optimized for your application. That is why we offer engineering, construction and production from one hand.

Our sales team looks forward to your inquiry and will be happy to explain the options specifically for your application.


Of course, suitable accessories that are required for system integration of the ARADEX devices are also available. From cable sets and additional HV capacitors to pliers and tools, ARADEX offers a comprehensive range of equipment.