Electric drives for ships and boats

Stricter emission regulations have been in force since January 2015. These will become stricter in the next few years and the price of the mandated marine diesel will continue to rise. This is causing many to rethink. The time has come for the development of newer, more efficient drive concepts which are worthwhile longterm investments and which today already fulfil the regulations of tomorrow.

Many promise reductions in emissions and consumption but only a few can keep this promise. Based on our experience we can say that up to 30% fuel reductions, ideal exhaust values and reduced CO² emissions are not just future dreams, regardless of whether it is a diesel-electric ship including power management or an electric drive coupled with solar.

In addition, the efficient and innovative ARADEX technology enables precise manoeuvring at speeds as low as 20 rpm and ensures a considerably higher reliability of the motors when compared to other drives.


  • Up to 30% less fuel consumption
  • Increased motor reliability
  • Fast current control with “Diesel-electric-Power management”
  • Precise manoeuvring at speeds as low as 20 rpm
  • Compact and modular devices with maximum power
  • Maximum efficiency


The main benefits of VECTOPOWER in a flyer.